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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Case- Gini-Virginia Valbuena and Eli The Chimpanzee Should Be Treated As A Property Theft Case

Chimpanzee's Legally are considered property, they do not have any legal rights as of yet. Therefore, if Eli was sold from the Missouri Primate Foundation by Connie Casey to Gini-Virginia Valbuena, or anyone else, while under a court stipulation that no babies were to be sold, then that should be a federal case of theft. Since Gini is saying that the value of Eli is 65K, that would fall under Grand Theft which could and should be jail time. This case needs to be brought before the courts as a theft case and both Connie Casey and Gini Valbuena should be made to show proof of where Eli was born and transfer papers from the breeder to the buyer.

Federal charges should be brought against all parites involved in the selling, buying, transferring of this (Property) Eli the chimpanzee. The rightful owner, Mike Casey should then be awarded his property, Eli.

Virginia Valbuena has used the name Gini Valbuena for all of her adult life, I wonder why she has decided to use Virginia instead of Gini? Perhaps to avoid her past? The articles on this Library?

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