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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chimpfabulous Rescued Their Chimps? Rosaire Circus

Rescued Chimps? Isn't that what they all say to justify what they do?

Well considering the fact that this organization is also known as the Rosaire Circus and has been doing this for approximately 40 years, where in the world would they have rescued chimpanzees from for SO many years? Did they go to Africa and save the babies from the mothers that were killed and brought them back?

Did they find them somewhere and they needed to be rescued? Chimpanzees can only work for a short period of time, so where in the world would they have gotten so many chimps to perform for sooooo many years? Think about this the next time you promote this practice by going and seeing one of their shows!

Also think about what they travel in when going around from state to state. What size cages could they possibly provide for 4 chimpanzees to be in a show miles away and day in and day out of travel? How large of a truck would they have to have in order for the chimpanzees to have adequate space to be a chimpanzee, running, jumping, swinging?

This truly is very sad. Look at this photo. :( My heart sorrows for them. Why don't they do these acts themselves, instead of making the chimpanzees do them. I know, because no one would come out and pay to see them. Notice the lady in the background, she has gloves on, that's how cold it was that day! Chimpanzees are African animals, not polar bears that are use to the cold weather and built for that type of climate. Shame on you Christmasville.


The Chimpfabulous act involving horse riding chimps

Row over horse-riding chimps

By Justine Thompson

General news

05 January 2010 12:19

A Christmas spectacular involving horse-riding chimps has sparked an international row after the intervention of an animal rights group.

The chimps performed in the ‘ChristmasVille’ festival in Rock Hill, South Carolina, in an act involving them performing stunt acts on the back of a pony.

However, just days before the performance, animal rights organisation PETA called for a boycott of the event on the ChristmasVille Facebook page.

The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals group (PETA) also asked ChristmasVille organizers to scrap the horseback-riding chimpanzees for the festive event.

However, organisers defended their decision to present the ‘Chimpfabulous’ act and removed the post from the Facebook site.

One organiser, Lyn Garris, said: “We research very carefully anyone we allow in city events.

“It's an honorable group of people. The animals are well treated. We're comfortable that we've made a good decision.”

But the PETA posting on Facebook claimed: "Chimpanzees used in the entertainment industry are forcibly separated from their mothers while they are often still nursing infants....Training baby chimpanzees almost always includes physical abuse to ensure that the animals live in fear and know that the trainer is 'boss'."

It also said that Chimpfabulous was a ‘cruel’ event in which chimpanzees were forced to ride horses for spectators' entertainment.

Other commentators passed doubt over the safety of using chimps in a public arena, as they are known to be potentially aggressive.

Chimpfabulous, starring the Rosaire Chimpanzees, is billed as the world's only trick and fancy horseback-riding chimpanzees. The four chimpanzees in the show were said to be rescued chimps.

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