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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Debby Rose Of Wild Things Animal Orphanage May Not get The Permit She needs To Keep Her Monkeys

There is hope here for the monkeys getting a new place to live. I hope the authorities do not grant her the permit she has requested, and do the right thing for the monkeys not for Debby. A Monkey as a service animal? I have to laugh at that one. I think I remember this woman being on a show recently, where as she brought Richard, her pet monkey to the movies and other places. Why in the world would a monkey want to go to a movie theater for?

There are some really great breeds of dogs that make wonderful service animals. I just finished up training a German Shepard for the police dept to be a bomb sniffing dog. There's no need to have an exotic animal for these needs.

The Greene County Planning and Zoning Board on Tuesday recommended against allowing a Greene County family to legally keep about two dozen monkeys at their exotic animal refuge near Brighton.

The family of Debby Rose -- whose effort to have her pet monkey Richard classifed as a service animal was denied by a federal judge in October -- have applied for a conditional use permit that would allow them to keep the exotic pets, which they care for as part of a non-profit, family-run rescue operation.The family has operated Wild Things Animal Orphanage, as the operation is known, since at least 2004. But the refuge came under scrutiny in April 2009 after one of the monkeys, a rhesus macaque, briefly escaped. Two other monkeys escaped after a May storm reportedly damaged one of their cages.

During subsequent investigations by sheriff's deputies, the health department and others, the refuge was found to be in violation of a 2007 county zoning ordinance that limits residents to keeping no more than two exotic animals at a single home.
The ordinance does allow residents to apply for a conditional use permit to circumvent that limit, but the Tuesday vote by the Planning and Zoning Board -- while not the final word -- cast doubt on the Roses' chance of success.
Board members, echoing concerns raised by several of the Roses' neighbors, voted unanimously to recommend denial of the permit. The case now goes to the county Board of Adjustment for a final hearing at 9:30 a.m., Feb. 9.


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