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Monday, January 18, 2010

Chimpanzee, Marty at Save The Chimps Has Passed Away, So sad!!!

This sanctuary is my absolute favorite. Carole Noon, Bless her heart, did wonderful things for the Chimpanzees that reside there at Save The Chimps. The staff now continues with her dreams, hopes, and love, to care for, love and protect them.


Save the Chimps Bids Farewell to Marty -
A Beloved Friend

Marty in Grass

Save the Chimps mourns the loss of its eldest 
chimpanzee resident, Marty , who died peacefully 
of natural causes on Sunday, January 10.  Marty 
passed away in the company of his best friend, 
Garfield, and his devoted caregivers.  Marty was 
approximately 50 years old.  He was captured in 
Africa as an infant and then sold to Holloman Air 
Force Base (HAFB) in 1963.  Marty was used by 
the United States Air Force in flight experiments 
during the early years of space research.  Not 
long after his use for flight research, Marty was 
used in numerous biomedical research studies, 
including blood studies, drug studies, renal 
function, venereal disease, and eye refraction.  
In the mid-1970s, Marty entered the breeding 
program, and fathered at least 33 children 
over two decades.

Marty and DebbieMarty 

Legendary NASA heroes Captain 
Robert Crippen and Captain Scott 
Carpenter visited Save the Chimps 
in April 2009 to pay tribute to the Air 
Force group. Upon hearing of Marty’s 
passing, Captain Robert Crippen  shared 
these words -  "I was saddened to learn of 
the passing of Marty, one of the Air Force 
chimps that helped pave our way into space. 
However, I am pleased to know that he spent 
his waning years at the Save the Chimps facility.
It truly is an excellent retirement home for 
these animals."

In 2001, Marty was rescued by Save the Chimps
along with 20 other Air Force chimps. He moved 
to Florida and was released with his new 
chimpanzee family onto a large island with grass 
and hills. Marty loved his new home and was often 
spotted basking in the sunshine. His age didn’t deter 
him from climbing the highest hill on his island and 
quietly admiring his surroundings.

Marty’s kind and gentle personality quickly captured 
the heart of Save the Chimps’ 
late Founder, Dr. Carole Noon, and he was 
often the first chimpanzee to whom Dr. Noon 
introduced new employees or supporters. 
 Marty wasn’t too tolerant when the “kids” in his 
group acted up, but there was no denying that he 
was a sweet – sometimes moody – old man.  
He was entitled.

Marty is survived by his Air Force Chimp family, 
sons Connor and Mika, and daughters Whoopi, 
Chandra and Stephanie. 

Rest in peace, Marty. You will always have 

a place in our hearts. 


To Donate in Honor of Marty, please click 

To visit and donate to this wonderful sanctuary go here

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