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Monday, January 18, 2010

Wellington Zoo's Chimpanzee Cave Was On Fire!!!!!

Isn't there any regulations that say that ALL electrical equipment that is around the animal enclosures have to be inspected on a monthly, or bi yearly basis? If not, there should be, if so, someone didn't do their job properly!

Gosh aren't the Chimpanzees safe anywhere in Captivity?

A fire broke out in Wellington Zoo's 'chimp cave' today, but no chimpanzees or humans were injured.

The Fire Service was called to the zoo shortly after 12pm, after smoke was reported coming from a heated shelter within the chimpanzee enclosure.

Fire officers put the fire out in less than a minute, the zoo said in a press release.

No animals, visitors or staff members were injured.

The chimps were reported to be "calmly relaxing inside for the afternoon".

The zoo said the cause of the fire would be investigated, but it initially appeared it was caused by an electrical fault with one of the pads that heats the shelter.


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