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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Young Chimpanzee, Mbam Dies, So so sad! If only they had funds for medical supplies and equipment

I also love this sanctuary, they work so hard for the chimpanzees, but don't get very much support.
What a terrible day! This morning Mbam, the young chimpanzee that has been with us since 2008, died of pneumonia. It is so sad, he was doing so well in the group. You might remember reading about his introduction to the big group last September. Mbam was the chimpanzee that did not want to let go of Killi, our quarantine keeper. Since that reintroduction he had settled in the group very well and made new friends. The last few days he had a cold and was treated for it. This morning he was lying on the floor, very ill. Although the vets took him to the vet room and gave him fluids and medication, at the end of the morning he died.
Mbam is not the only one suffering from the common cold. Several others are coughing and sneezing and have been on treatment for a few days. Bankim is the worst at the moment and he is treated in sick bay. It does not make sense that the chimpanzees have respiratory problems in the dry season. The only thing I can think of is that they are too crowded in their enclosure, which makes them more vulnerable for diseases. This is a very depressing thought, because this enclosure is brand new and quite spacious. But our group is very big and still growing.
I really feel discouraged today. We work so hard, but it seems like it is never enough. We build better and bigger enclosures, but the groups keep growing as well. Maybe there is nothing we could have done to avoid this, but it feels like we have failed Mbam. I will miss him.
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