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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

MetroZoo Makes Chimpanzees Go Out In The Cold For Exhibit

Why make animals that don't do well in the cold, sit out on exhibit while being cold? For the public? The Exploitation? What a shame, a real shame to make them be so uncomfortable for the public's viewing. Please people think about your next visit to the zoo, and try to make that visit in warm weather to stop promoting things like this to happen. Without the public, they weren't have to go out in the cold for viewing.
This is a shame......

"Ben" an 8 year old male chimpanzee at Metrozoo uses his burlap as a scarf to try and stay warm.

Ron Magill/Miami Metrozoo


There's an unseasonable chill in the air in the land of swim suits, sun tan lotion, golden beaches and warm balmy weather.

Temperatures across South Florida dipped in the low to mid 40s early Tuesday morning and colder temperatures, possibly near the freezing mark, are forecast for early Wednesday morning.

To keep warm residents and visitors alike are donning jackets, cranking up heaters in cars and homes and throwing an extra blanket on the bed at night.

Extra blankets also came in handy at Miami's Metrozoo where some of the animals, who are very used to our usually warm weather, got quite a shock from the chill. Metrozoo's Ron Magill said Ben, an 8-year-old chimpanzee, wasn't quite sure what to do with his burlap blanket at first. Initially he wrapped it around himself as a scarf. When he realized it wasn't doing anything to keep him warm he opened it up into a blanket, and put it over his head and then the rest of his body.

Samantha, a 40-year-old chimp, wasn't surprised by the cold but didn't like it none the less. Magill said she's learned through years of experience that the best thing to do is find a sunny spot on the grass and get tucked under her blanket.

Zoo personnel spent the early morning hours checking on all of the animals to make sure they were warm and healthy. Extra heaters were put in the night houses and extra bedding hay and burlap were put out for some on the animals on exhibit. Zoo workers plan to be back out Wednesday morning as the temperature dips into the mid to low 30s to check on their charges.


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