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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bonobo, Chimpanzee Mother Comparison

Bonobo & Chimpanzee Mother Comparison by Sloth-in-a-Box (DOaZOO).
Here are two mothers at around the same age. Both are almost 40, both have had kids and are currently living with them.

Differences between Chimpanzee and Bonobo
The Bonobo on the left, Chimpanzee on the right.
The Bonobo Chimpanzee is is slightly more human-like. Their eyebrows do not protrude as much as the common chimpanzee, which you can notice in the photo. Also the Bonobo females will bald as they get older (**i am not sure of this, someone asked about this and i cant confirm it yet), which is very noticable especially in other photos of the bonobo mother.

Bonobo Chimpanzees are a rare form of the Great Ape. They are very human-like; they can walk upright more easily due to a different hip structure. They are also much more slim and slender, with long lanky arms and legs.

The Bonobo females lead the group, which is opposite of the Common Chimpanzee. The Bonobos are lovers, the Chimpanzees are fighters. In Bonobo society, the females leave as teenagers usually to find another group to live in. The Common Chimpanzees on the other hand have the male usually leave the group.

Its so fascinating to me how different the lives of these primates are, yet how similar they are.

The more you look at the differences, the more you will understand humans.

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