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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Infant Chimpanzee Goes Home With Caretaker

Selma, a chimpanzee will soon be one year old, sleep in the same bed with her human being mother Ing-Marie Persson. Selma was born at Kolmarden zoo but her mother Fiffi did not take care of her so she was sent to Ing-Marie Persson, who is a keeper at the zoo Furuviksparken. Ing-Marie has extensive experience in the training of chimpanzee babies to become adult apes. Ing-Marie Persson has had Selma for a year at home in bed but now Selma is moving away from home. [CFP]

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  1. Hi, wanted to give you some more information about Selma the baby chimp and Ing-Marie Persson.
    IngMarie is the "headchimp" at Furuviks Park, located in Sweden. There are several articles about her and the care the animals are getting (all positive). She has before Selma came in to the picture already raised one babychimp from 4 months of age, whos mother died suddenly and although Manda lived in her home, she spent daily contact with the other grown chimps at the park when Ing-Marie went to work. Yes she wore clothes in the wintertime, Sweden is cold and it was more concern for the ape than making her look cute. Yes she had diapers on when she was at IngMaries home, again as a former chimpowner you know what "mess" there can be. Manda, who is now nearly 3 yrs old, have a fostermom in one of the grown chimps at the park and is no longer living with IngMarie.
    Now Selma. Selma was newborn in Kalmarden Animalpart. She was rejected by her mother and they were quite desperate to find a surrogate for her. And although IngMarie at first said NO to raising another baby chimp she was convinced. So Selma arrived in Gavle at around 2weeks of age and has from day one been a part of the chimp family. By going with IngMarie to work, meeting the grown chimps one at a time and just recently i think Selma is being accepted as a foster child by one of the grown females. I am not sure, but i dont think any of the female chimps have had a baby before, and of course both Manda and Selma are still fed extra nutrition by bottle, due to their age. So although it looks as Selma is being a "pet"chimp, she is not. Again yes she wears a diaper around the house with IngMarie, and also clothes if weather says so, but when they come to the apehouse, off goes the nappy.
    You can google on Ing-Marie Persson and find several articles about her and Selma and Manda. And the other apes at the Furuvik Park. She is doing a fantastic job raising this little ape in to a selfsufficient chimpanzee.

  2. Dear Kat;
    Thank you so much for all of the information that you have provided. I wish that the news reporter had done a better job explaining this, it was a bit confusing for the public to see.

    I hope that Selma's mother doesn't breed again however. You and everyone that knows Chimps, knows how very important the knowledge that a mother chimp teaches her babes from birth is something we humans can not do. Good luck to the little ones.

    So glad to hear that they are being acclimated and accepted by the females.

    Again, thank you for your time to get this information out.