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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Chimpanzee Lisa-Marie

McHenry, Ill. -- After learning from PETA about the horrendous treatment of a baby chimpanzee who is regularly carted around by Chicago-based animal exhibitor Ed and Annette's Monkeys and More (EAMM), the McHenry County Chamber of Commerce canceled the traveling zoo's scheduled appearance at next month's McHenry Fiesta Days.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has cited EAMM for keeping animals in a filthy, dark, crumbling basement and in dirty, feces-filled cages that were cleaned only once a week; for failing to provide cages that meet minimum space requirements; for failing to provide an adequate environmental enrichment program for primates; and for failing on seven separate occasions to have a representative on hand who could allow the agency to conduct an animal welfare inspection.

Among the animals used by EAMM is a baby chimpanzee named Lisa Marie. EAMM obtained Lisa Marie from a Missouri primate breeder when she was only a few weeks old. Young chimpanzees stay with their mothers for years (and frequently for their entire lives). Premature separation from their mothers is traumatic for them. Photos taken by humane officials with Chicago Animal Care and Control document that Lisa Marie's "housing" consists of a wooden cube about the size of a large doghouse.

Eyewitnesses reported that animals used by EAMM, including Lisa Marie, were transported to a Franklin Park event in Rubbermaid-type containers. Lisa Marie was reportedly stressed from being confined to a dark, undersized, coffin-like container, and she pounded and pushed against the sides of the bin the entire time. Lisa Marie Presley, the chimpanzee's namesake, has written to EAMM asking the company's owners to retire her to sanctuary.

"Using social, intelligent primates as entertainment props is cruel," says PETA Director Debbie Leahy. "We applaud the McHenry County Chamber of Commerce for making the compassionate decision to keep Fiesta Days cruelty-free."

PETA has sent a bouquet of flowers to the chamber of commerce as a token of its appreciation.

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