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Friday, June 12, 2009

Negra The Chimpanzee's Birthday

Chimps are honorary citizens of Cle Elum

Photo of Negra

By Katherine Sather
It's a big weekend for Burrito, Foxie, Negra and the rest of the seven chimps who live at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest.

The Cle Elum City Council this week passed a proclamation which declares the chimps honorary citizens of Cle Elum.

This Saturday marks the one-year anniversary of their arrival at the sanctuary, which cares for formerly exploited or abused chimps. To mark the anniversary, a celebration is planned, and the mayor of Cle Elum will be among the guests. The gathering will also commemorate Negra's birthday. Negra, shown here, is the oldest chimp at the sanctuary.

She was captured in Africa as in infant in 1973 and spent most of her life in biomedical research laboratories, where she was used in Hepatitis vaccine research. According to the sanctuary, she has a nightly ritual of sitting on a ledge and completely covering herself with a blanket. After a few minutes she peeks her face out so the blanket is wrapped around her body and head like a hooded poncho.

The sanctuary has chosen June 13 as Negra's birthday, and workers plan on surrounding her with some of her favorite things.



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