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Friday, June 19, 2009

Eli The Baby Chimp on Video, Gini Valbuena

Chimp Chat-" Hello Chimp Chat readers. As you can see, the most controversial subject right now for myself and a lot of other "real" chimp lovers is this huge lie about Eli being rescued. Here is a video of him with Kay. Before you watch this I'd like to point out some facts here.
  • First off, when he is first in front of the camera, the sound he makes is not cute, that is what is called a bark, this is an aggressive sound because he is afraid
  • They mentioned the fact that he has a FT Nanny, gosh I wonder if that could possibly be Gini Valbuena with the many years of baby raising. I don't think this is something to be proud of, it only shows the abuse of buying babies and then dumping them, just to do it over and over again for 30+ years.
  • Then they take Eli out to see his friend Kira. Kira was once one of Gini's chimps that she has dumped. I meet Kira when I visited Gini's the one time. When my husband and I got out of our vehicle, Gini opened her front door and allowed Kira to come running out of the house, no leash on, no control over the animal what-so-ever. A direct violation of the USDA restrictions.
  • When they were holding Eli up in the air to visit with Kira, this is a cruel thing to do. At the age of 4 months old, a baby chimp would normally be attached to his mother. She would never take him off and hold him up in the air, that would be tooooo frightening for him. You can here him cry. Poor little guy, and these people call themselves experts? That's a joke! A real expert would want this baby to be with his mother or a surrogate mother and Adult female chimps will take care of babies that are not there's.
  • At the end of this disgusting segment they say he already lives in a trailer. I suppose they are getting him use to living in a trailer so that way when he is hauled around from state to state doing one freak show after another he is use to it.
  • The next thing you know the public will be introduced to his so called Nany, Gini Valbuena. I hope so because this will only prove that this baby Eli was a fullfillment of the breeding contract between Gini Valbueana and Connie Casey. Gini is known to trade chimps all of the time. There was another one she traded chimps for her name was daisy. She gave Connie Casey her chimp Daisy, after she couldn't make her any more money, in exchange for a baby. So with this kind of track record, there's no doubt in my mind this was a trade, as if they are old pieces of furniture. You know I never hear anything about Gini Valbuenas children, I wonder why that is? Maybe they too, have disowned her because of what she does.

Video here


  1. Anonymous3:30 PM

    There was so much misinformation in this video, yet another adverstisement for the Rosaire's and their business spun as news. The reporter Jackie Barron said things she was told as fact i.e. it is common for first time chimpanzee mothers to reject their babies which is not true. In my opinion it is animal cruelty.

    I hope Chimp Chat readers will contact the reporter should be contact WSPA News 7 at the following link and give your opinion on this video and tell them they need to report the news not be just reading a press release.

  2. Thank you so much for writing this blog and putting out this information. People do change, and you are living proof of that. You are exposing evil, which is a noble cause. That woman in the video, Kay Rosaire, is so clearly not for the welfare of the chimps, or big cats, for that matter. She is clearly a selfish woman gratifying her grotesquely outsized ego. Why are true sanctuaries so rare? Because once they get a taste of a baby chimp or a baby tiger, they can never get enough; it's a kind of bloodlust.

  3. Hi Lisa;
    Thank you for your wonderful post and the great compliment.The entire period of time when Mikey and Louie lived with me I had the same issues and problems with these people and what they do and have done. I was never able to go public about it because I also had Chimps, though it tore my heart out having to witness what I did, know what I know and actually had contact with some of these evil people.

    There are days that I just cry, there are days I am physically sick from what is going on, but I just feel as though with awareness and education the public's view will change, hopefully.

    This blog at times is very difficult to do for me because I, like most, feel helpless and sad for all of the abuse that goes on with the Chimps in our country.

    You are right on the money with your statement about a bloodlust, it gets in their veins and these people feed off of it. They need it so much that they have actually talked themselves into believing that what they do is not wrong. When someone points out their abuse, those people are called activists by those people. I have asked these type of people what is an activist?, with never getting an intelligent answer. The answer is... Someone that truly loves the animals and doesn't agree with abuse.

  4. Dear Anonymous;
    Thank you for your comment.I also believe, for many reasons this is abuse. I have already contacted the paper, thank you for the link. Also I posted your comment so hopefully others will do the same.

    It's so hard for me to believe that after the horrible incident with Travis, that any news reporter would do a story on a baby chimp. I guess they didn't see the Inside Edition Piece where Connie Casey tries to sell a baby and the cribs were lined up with babies ready to be sold, pending her divorce. Horrible just horrible!