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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Chimps Love Music

Mysore, June 17 (PTI) In the first of its kind experiment in the country, moody chimpanzees at the Mysore Zoo are getting some music therapy to lift their spirits.
After treating many patients through music, a neurosurgeon has tried the therapy on three male and two female apes at the zoo.

During a visit to the Mysore zoo sometime back, Anil Singh, who is working with Apollo Hospital, had observed some chimpanzees behaving in a rude manner.

After the idea of trying out this therapy on the apes struck him, he discussed it with the Zoo Director and started the therapy.

Singh, assisted by three music experts said the chimps seemed to be enjoying the ring tones and one of them who was brought from a circus was even seen dancing to the ring tones.

The excitement among the chimps was noticed by Zoo keeper Shankar also. PTI


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