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Friday, June 26, 2009

Stop Chimpanzee Testing Campaign Update

Animal experiments directive - now EU member states get a say

In May, the European Parliament reached a first reading position on the European Commission's proposal to update the 20-year old Directive 86/609 regulating animal experiments. It is a great shame that some key animal welfare safeguards were passed over at this stage; however, supportive MEPs did manage to hold on to vital legislative improvements such as the establishment of EU and national centres for developing non-animal alternatives. This single measure could make a significant difference to the rate at which animal experiments are replaced in the future.

Next it is the turn of the EU's 27 member states to vote, as the Council of the European Union. They will produce a 'common position' regarding the revision proposals. This is a vital stage in the Make Animal Testing History Campaign, and we are working together with our supporting organisations to present our campaign goals to key countries.

Here's what we'll be asking the Council to vote for:
  • strategic direction to replace animals in research and testing through compulsory use of existing alternatives, and the creation of EU and national centres dedicated to advancing additional non-animal methods;
  • transparent systems to ensure ethical evaluation, authorisation and retrospective assessment are applied to all animal procedures, together with rigorous independent inspections and published inspection reports;
  • an immediate ban on the use of great apes and wild-caught primates in experiments, a phase out of 'F1' offspring born to wild parents and regular reviews of all primate use leading to a complete phase out in line with European Parliament Written Declaration 40/2007;
  • regular thematic reviews of selected aspects of the legislation, and public reporting on progress made towards reducing animal suffering and replacing animal methods.

We urgently need the help of UK citizens to demonstrate to the Home Office that the public wants Britain to support humane science in political negotiations taking place at the Council of Ministers. As the EU member states now gear up to form a position on the revision proposal, Britain will be playing a pivotal role. The Home Office has launched a public consultation to assess views on all aspects of the proposal - this is your chance to get your voice heard.

The consultation text is extremely long and complicated and there is not very much time to respond. However, we are determined that this should not deter members of the public from taking part. The Dr Hadwen Trust and other national organisations are all responding in full to the consultation, but you can help by telling the Home Office your views on specific key areas.

Click here for our guidance notes on these priority areas of concern. Copy and paste the response into a new e-mail, add your name and address (indicated in red at the top), and send your email to Please take action today as the deadline for responses is Friday 3rd July.

Join the virtual march for animals in laboratories

Over 40,000 people so far are marching to Make Animal Testing History - that's a fabulous achievement and thank you to everyone who has joined the virtual march
so far.

Not yet joined? There's still time -
click here to sign the pledge for humane science, create your cyber-self and get marching. Please do everything you can to promote the virtual march to friends, family, colleagues, blogs, social network pages - we need as many people marching as possible.

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