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Friday, June 12, 2009

Chimpanzee Breeding Contract, Gini Valbuena, Connie Casey Braun

Hello Chimp Chat Readers;
Well I am a lot upset right now! I have just been informed by a very reliable source that Gini Valbuena, the multiple chimp owner (see info on her here on this blog) has a breeding contract with Connie Casey from the Missouri Primate Foundation. The largest breeding facility of pet chimps in the US. What this means is that Gini Valbuena gave Connie Casey her two chimps, Coby and Raven, in exchange for a free baby chimp. You see this is the way that Gini Valbuena operates, as my story about my visit, she tried to trade me my Louie for Kenya the chimp she had, because Louie was small. She has traded chimp s in the past I have been told by a reliable source.

I suppose Gini has run out of money with all of the expensive medical bills she racked up, she has dumped all of her other chimps and has no way of making money. She couldn't possible get a "real" job.! So now she needs another little baby chimp to exploit for 5 years and then to dump again. Connie is going to give her one in exchange for the 2 chimps that Gini dumped on her. This doesn't make nay sense to me at all! Gini should feel lucky that someone even took her chimps, knowing what she does to them time after time! My heart already goes out to the baby that goes to her and to the mother that will not be able to raise her own baby. Very very sad to think of the life this baby will have. What a bunch of monsters.

I wonder what the story will be this time fromGini about this baby? That this babies mother couldn't take care of her (noah's story), that the mother threw her in the hay, when she was pre-mature (Kenya's story), or that she is rasing them for someone else (with most of the other lies about the other chimps she has owned)

I always thought Connie cared and loved the chimps. Boy was I mistaken, I should have known that anyone that could pull a baby off of it's mother and sell that baby to who ever has the money is not a good person. I'm sorry to have ever stuck up for her!!!!!

I took the liberty of contacting Mike Casey, who does not agree with or did not have anything to do with this breeding contract. This is between Connie Casey and Gini Valbuena.



  1. Anonymous3:15 PM

    How incredibly disgusting! Here is the Inside Edition Chimp Parties with Connie Casey. Watch the baby Makala rocking nervously. Watch what Dr. Brent says about Makala.

    For Ms Casey this is about money. Connie Casey was the breeder of Travis and she did not learn a lesson from that horrid tragedy. She is continuing to live off the backs of chimps. Ms. Casey has no conscience, no remorse for what part she played in that attack. Words cannot express my disgust for her.

  2. Dear Anonymous;
    I agree with you. I tried to help her along with some other folks to change over her breeding facility to a real sanctuary, but by her actions now it is obvious she wants to continue this terrible trade.

    With changing over to a sanctuary we could have stopped the chimp pet trade, and also expanded to give those owners that are now looking for placement for their chimps a home.

    She has no idea what a wrong decision she has made. She's not even thinking about what is going to happen to all of these chimps when she passes away! Her children really haven't been involved with this facility so I doubt they will want to take on such a huge commitment.

    Right now she has 3 babies, one is already gone, one is sold to someone in Ohio, one will be going to Gini and there's a mom that is now pregnant, due any day. Just the fact of how she can dart these mother chimps and then steal the screaming babies off of their mothers is beyond my comprehension. To me this is as awful as what they do to do the Chimps in the Labs.I know I certainly couldn't do it.

    I did contribute to this practice when I bought Mikey and Louie, they were both around the ages of 8 months old, somehow I didn't think on the same lines as I do now. Shame on me!

  3. Anonymous10:45 AM

    I hope that the chickens come home to roost for Ms. Casey cause she IS responsible when it comes down to it for the injuries sustained by people from the chimpanzees she sold to unsuspecting people. People who had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Ms. Casey KNEW what could and would happen. In the video all she talked about was that the chimpanzees become strong and they are a "lot of work" when she was talking to the reporter trying to peddle another chimpanzee. I hope in this lifetime she gets her reward for the role she played in the pain and suffering of the chimpanzees she sold.

  4. Dear Anonymous;
    Thank you for your well thought out comment and emotional one as well. Your right she does KNOW the capability that these chimps have when they become adults and does no education for the unsuspected victim that buys them. I know I was one of them. I had no idea what to do, how to care for, what their capabilities were or how very very strong they became. I got one sheet of paper for instructions of how to care for such a difficult individual. On this paper it said and this is all it said:

    1. Always transfer the baby chimp to someone else with his/her blanket.
    2. Chimpanzees should gain approximately 12 lbs per year
    3. Feeding schedule as of what they were drinking at that point.

    There was no information on vet care, caging,when to increase their formulas intake, when to start them on solid foods and what types, what their vocal sounds mean, nothing about their behaviour, nothing at all.

    I use to breed yorkies and when someone bought a pup from me they went home with a bag of food, health records, vet schedule, definition of each shot and why it is required, the dos and don't s, the proper toys to buy, potty training hints. It was a package of information. Not only that, but I screened everyone and a lot of folks were turned down.

    I hope she does also. I really tried to help her, for over a year now. Someone else and I were working on things to help her turn her breeding facility over to a sanctuary. This way when she passes she would know that all of the chimps would have been taken care of. Not now they won't. I really am very fearful for all of their futures.It just breaks my heart. I just wish I was a millionaire and could help them all. Perhaps in my next life.

  5. Anonymous5:20 AM

    Boy these 2 are peas in the same pod aren't they? Insensitive people preying on people's love of the species. You should hide in shame both of you.

  6. Thank you Anonymous;
    Seems as though they are. It really is ashamed that Connie can't see things for how they really are.Hiding from the truth I suppose is what keeps her doing this.

  7. Anonymous11:22 AM

    This Connie Casey is a disgusting person. Taking babies from their mothers?
    Selling chimps to people with no knowledge?
    Having an opportunity to do the right thing and refuses to?
    God will take care of her.