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.The Little Rock Zoo needs to step up and care for the animals better! Please read the several artciles here with deaths, sickness and a bald chimp!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bidders, Oregon Zoo

Zoo work is, well, a different kind of animal. As part of its work last week, 2KG Contractors lowered a spiral staircase into a metal culvert that will become a giant “enrichment tree” where researchers can observe the orangutans from within the tree’s trunk."

"Originally constructed in the 1950s, the zoo has a new mission to create an “eco-zone” by updating its storm water system, creating more naturalistic habits for its animals, and eventually siting a biogas plant on the zoo’s property. Though Otak Inc. has already been awarded a contract for the storm water system, more work will be coming through the pipeline as the zoo progresses toward its new goal.

“The zoo is entering a period of change from the way we used to do things,” Chaney said. “We really need to build those relationships and get local firms involved.”


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