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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Pygmy Chimpanzee, Bonobos

The pygmy chimpanzee is also called the bonobo or the gracile chimpanzee.

The pygmy chimpanzee is 28 to 33 inches long, weighs up to 86 pounds and has no tail. It is only slightly smaller then the chimpanzee however its body is slimmer and its limbs are more slender. Its skin is gray, even on the face but the fur is a very dark brown or black. On the top of the
Behavioral Characteristics

The pygmy chimpanzee lives in groups. Groups may consist of up to 80 individuals but are usually split up into smaller groups in order to groom and forage. The females are dominant. Unlike many animals the pygmy chimpanzee seems to use sexual interactions for fun. Males, females and young engages in these interactions in different combinations. It is believed that these eases social tension.

Life Cycle

A single young is born to the female pygmy chimpanzee after a pregnancy or gestation of about 8 months. The young suckles for 3 whole years until becoming weaned. For another year or two the young will stay with its mother being groomed and protected by her. The female gives birth only once every 5 years. When the males become sexually mature they normally stay with the group while the females always leave the group when the become sexually mature.


The diet of the pygmy chimpanzee consists of mostly fruits and seeds. It may also eat leaves, flowers, fungi, eggs and small animals at times.


The pygmy chimpanzee is located in central Africa.

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