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Monday, August 31, 2009

Old Testament VS Evolution

"The 12th Planet" pg. 352

We presume that “civilization” originated in Mesopotamia, Iraq to be specific, but no one can adequately explain how it virtually blossomed out of nothing.

“The 12th Planet”, is the first book in Sitchin's “Earth Chronicles Series ”. In it Sitchin reveals an alternative theory of the origins of earth, humanity, and human history, as it was known and taught by the most ancient culture of mankind, the Sumerians.

According to ancient Sumerians, there were 12 celestial bodies counting the Sun and Moon. This 12th planet is said to have a huge enlongated 3600 year orbit around the Sun.

In this book Sitchin effectively ties Judeo-Christian beliefs and the Bible into the story he unfolds, by revealing that the early stories in the Old Testament were based largely on older manuscripts from Sumeria.

While some view this work as fictional or completely delusional, others believe it has answered many of their questions.

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