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Friday, August 28, 2009

Gorilla Mum, Hasn't Learned to Take Care of Infant

A one-month old baby gorilla is making its public debut at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo. He requires a unique form of care.

The gorilla, still unnamed, was born July 27 at 6.4 pounds. His mother was a test-tube gorilla, not reared with her fellow primates years ago, but rather by zoo staff. Because of that, she has had to learn how to take care of a baby.

Zoo staff members spent three weeks training the mother, Timu, how to carry a baby, how to nurse a baby and how to care for a baby. At that point, they felt she was ready to take the reigns, parenting her baby.

However, shortly after the baby was left in his mother's care, veterinarians discovered the baby's arm had been broken. She may have accidentally rolled over on her baby.

However, since staff is not sure how the infant was injured, they removed the baby gorilla from his mother for now. They hope within three to four months, he will be strong enough to be introduced back with his family group. That includes his mother, who is receiving more parenting training, and a surrogate grandmother gorilla.

In the meantime, zoo veterinarians, staff members and docents are providing round-the-clock care to the baby gorilla. He is encouraged to hold onto a special vest worn by care staff, which simulated the mother's hair.

The now 7.5 pound baby will spend his days in the nursery area in Hubbard Gorilla Valley, where onlookers can catch him having a bottle and snuggling with his care givers. He will be named next month during the Zoofari event.


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