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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Chimpanzee, Henry

A 23-year-old chimpanzee that was sick and emaciated when he was rescued from his filthy living space at a Crosby home is slowly gaining weight and strength, Houston animal cruelty investigators said today.

Henry apparently had lived for 15 years in the cage before he was reported to the Houston SPCA and rescued on Nov. 19, said SPCA spokeswoman Meera Nandlal.

The agency is still investigating the case, but no charges have been filed. Nandlal would not name the owner or say whether an explanation was given for the chimp's treatment.

Henry's cage, which was 15 feet square and 8 feet tall, was littered with cigarette butts, soda cans and other trash, Nandlal said. The cage was in the garage of the home, she said.

Henry weighed 60 pounds when he was taken into custody — half the body weight of a healthy chimp — and suffered a spinal deformity because of malnutrition and lack of exposure to light, Nandlal said.

He is receiving medical care and will not be placed for adoption, she said. Instead, SPCA officials plan to send Henry to a sanctuary where he can spend the rest of his life with other chimps.

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