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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Destruction of the Orangutans Rainforest

this is caused mainly by human activities like

-intense permitted logging
-illegal logging
-forest conversions to palm oil plantations
-natural phenomena (large scale fires! )
-illegal animal trade

yes because us humans just love doing the activities above, orangutans are losing their home.

slow steps to reduce the actions stated above

1. illegal logging must be stopped. licence must be given and controlled to a certain amount. enough said.

2. Forest conversions to palm oil trees
palm oil trees are produced from tearing down the rain forest . The burning of the rain forest will cause smoke to linger and therefore produces global warming that makes almost everyone suffers. palm oil isn't the only solution, in this website , , a little girl has already started her campaign of asking companies using palm oil to stop because it threatens the orangutan species. you can visit it, and read more about her. It also said there that we could stop turning rain forest into palm oil trees and use a product ( according to the website, its american grown oil ) which doesn't harm any party.

3. large fire scales
well, we cant blame nature for it . because even for this, its the humans fault. global warming increases temperature on earth, therefore causing the fire in the first place . the thinning of the ozone layer is caused by us, and when the ozone layer is no longer there, this also helps to starting large fire scales in forest . you see ? you can save so many things by just doing a small thing. the decrease of carbon dioxide usage will help alot. ergo ; public transport, car pool, stop open burning etc . save the environment, save the orangutans ! :D

4. illegal animal trade , and hunting.

the only way to stop this , is to avoid even getting into any of the activities. don't be the buyer, don't be the seller. this will stop if everybody takes part and not be either in the buyer party or even the seller . pity these animals people, they don't deserve to be sold in such a horrible way. illegal trade usually involves animal getting beaten up violently and put in such tiny cages that are only an inch bigger than them. have a heart. DON'T PURCHASE . we are called humans because we have feelings. these people who harm animals don't even deserve the term 'human'.

so, we hope this post have put a tiny spark in you to keep on doing and supporting acts to save the orangutans . even the tiniest things can help, visit all the websites we have linked for you if you are interested in more facts . :)


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