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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rainforest Rescue : Orangutan Adventure Treks

Go on an adventure that can help protect the forests, save the orangutan and change the world.

To mark the launch of The Burning Season film, you are invited to join us on an amazing fundraising trek through the jungles of Sumatra. Visit the orangutan rehabilitation program in Gunung Leuser National Park, trek through the stunning rainforests of Indonesia and contribute toward the protection of this vital ecosystem.

You can take part by fundraising $6000. The money raised covers the trip costs and the rest goes to Rainforest Rescue to help reafforest and protect the Orangutan habitat.

If you would like to trek with Alix Bidstrup from the hit TV series All Saints, she is the new Ambassador for Rainforest Rescue and is looking for 20 people to go on an Orangutan Adventure Trek with her in 2010.

Join up and start fundraising now. Apart from the incredible experience, everyone who goes will help save and/or rehabilitate vital orangutan habitat, as well as planting 10 trees themselves.

The Orangutan Adventure Treks are being coordinated by Inspired Adventures.

Sign up for the Orangutan Adventure Trek at

Find out more about The Burning Season at

Make a donation to the Rainforest Rescue Orangutan Habitat for Survival Project

The Orangutan Adventure Treks is just one of ten important things you can do to change the world. Find out more at


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