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Monday, August 31, 2009

Chimpanzee Owner, Gini Valbuena

People such as Gini Valbuena and Judie's children, are the types of people that have nothing better to do with their time, then to harass, slander and "try" to defame others. They find the weak to team up with them, such as the very children that were extremely jealous of a mother that loved her chimps, only to hide their own abuse and insecurities. I find it odd that they start with these types of behaviors, after Judie leaves to live in the Congo. People like Gini Valbuena, have and always will be the worse abusers of all, regardless of the image she portrays. Anyone that has bought, sold and traded Chimps at the age of 5-7 years for 40 years, though says she has no chimps presently, we have to wonder "where did they all go?"

Sanctuaries, would not take these chimps in, for the mere fact that they would be feeding into her abusive ways. Ways of supporting herself, her medical bills, play dates, greeting cards, the entertainment business and renting them out to the circus, and buying more. All of these FACTS can be found on the internet in many places. Most of all feeding into the breeding, selling, trading and recycling of these chimps. Gini Valbuena, has never, nor will she ever, say where all of these chimps have gone. Why? She's hiding something. Perhaps the chimps that have been seen running wild in Florida were hers. With only, and I say "only" having 2 chimps per year x's 40 years, that's 80 chimps. There are, no way, 80 chimps that have been placed in sanctuaries. Where are they all? She says she wants to protect the people that have taken them, why? Why do they need protection? Protection from what, from who? Good Sanctuaries always state where the chimps came from.


A new video of the chimp re-cycler

Gini Valbuena is at it again!!!!! Why was she hiding her face at the beginning of the video? Why was she reluctant to answer where Eli came from? Why has the story changed from the original version that Eli was rescued? Now she says someone else bought Eli and gave Eli to them? Why would anyone buy a baby Chimp for 60,000.00 and then give it away? They wouldn't. God she really thinks people are stupid.
Why was she drinking an alcoholic beverage when holding the chimp? Getting drunk are we? Now that's a responsible owner. NOT!

If I were her and thank GOD I'm NOT, I would bury my face in the dirt, and never show it again. Just look at her, she's so proud, proud to have been the reason why this poor baby chimp doesn't have a mother. Proud that the mother was shot with a tranquilizer gun after carrying and giving birth to "HER" baby, not Gini Valbuenas baby, so they could rip that baby away from her. Only a monster could do such a thing. I suppose she has so many issues within herself, that owning a baby chimp makes her feel special. She's special alright.
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