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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bonobos Have Face To Face Sex

The Bonobo chimp is a lot like a human, which this partially NSFW video demonstrates: Bonobos sometimes walk upright, and they even sometimes have sex facing each other. The BBC lady in this doc also seems to think that they're also capable of being inspired by the beauty of a majestic waterfall, which supposedly makes them humanlike, but I am skeptical. (News flash, English lady: Swinging on a rope in front of a waterfall is AWESOME and even a dead termite would have fun doing it and you don't need a fancy BBC science degree to figure that out.)

But yeah, back to the sex: Bonobo society is driven by sex, especially sex for pleasure. Bonobos even have gay sex—if not full-on intercourse, frottage and scissoring and so forth. Tonight, OMSI hosts another edition of Science Pub at the Mission Theater, and the topic is "What's Love Got to Do with It: Sex for Social Bonding in Bonobos." University of Oregon Primatologist Dr. Frances White hosts the event, and there's sure to be plenty of talk about hot monkey sex*, at least more than your typical Tuesday. According to the Mission Theater's page, there was a talk exactly one year ago to the day on this topic which sold out, so you might want to arrive early.

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