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Saturday, August 22, 2009

List of Animal Abusers


Bhagavan Antle who calls himself "Doc" Antle

Ronald Armitage Exotic Animal Paradise shut down 2006

Jeff Ash Ashville Game Farm shut down 2007

Carolyn Atchison Animal House Zoo shut down 2005

Darryl Atkinson Horseshoe Creek shut down 2008

Robert Baudy Savage Kingdom shut down 2007

Susan Aronoff Bradshaw

Craig Busch the "Lion Man" ousted from zoo 2008

Chuffer & Co. c/o Janice

Martine Collette Wildlife Waystation fined 25,000 2007

Marcus Cook fined 100,000 in 2008 shut down 2009

John Cuneo Hawthorn Circus fined 25,000 & suspended

Pat & Robert Engessor

Joseph M. Estes Safari Joe shut down 2004 and 2006

Phoenix Exotics

Michael Evers M & C Exotics shut down 2006

Fercos Brothers Circus

Gert & Abby Hedengran Tigers Only shut down 2006

Great Cats of Indiana USDA case pending

Michael V. Demmer Joanne Vassallo Deva Exotics shut down 2004

Ervin Hall Ervin's Jungle Wonders suspended for 3 years in 2008

Dennis Hill shut down 2007

Lisa Hook shut down 2007

Gloria Johnson

Thomas Kirby

Keith Kraft BEARCAT Hollow shut down 2005

Steven Macaluso Metrolino Wildlife Park shut down 2008

Joan Byron-Marasek Tigers Only shut down 2003

Josip Marcan

Diana McCourt shut down 2007

Deborah Ann Milette Telling Felids tiger cub death 2005 shut down 2006

Karl Mitchell jailed and shut down 2005

Karl Mogensen Natural Bridge Zoo fined 10,000 and suspended 2007

Rodney A. Nelson Wild Eyes Photo Adventures fined 10,000 and shut down 2007

Cynthia Palm M & C Exotics shut down 2006

Corinne Oltz of Pangea Productions shut down 2007

Pearson's L & L Exotics shut down 2008

David Piccirillo shut down 2005

Alan Rigerman

Diane Roger

Kay Rosaire

Clay Rosaire

Safari's Interactive Exotic Animal Sanctuary

St. Louis Zoo fined 7,500 by USDA

Debbie Sandlin

Joe Schreibvogel GW Exotics fined 25,000 and suspended 2006

Kathy Stearns Dade City Wild Things foreclosure and bankruptcy 2008

Steve Sipek AKA Tarzan USDA refused to license in 2007

Ray Grennell Thunderhawk thrown out 2007

Tiger Temple

Tiger Truckstop

Stephanie Taunton Hesperia Zoo Cinema Safari Zoo fined 30,000 & probation 2008

Gini Valbuena

Craig Wagner and Cynthia Lee Gamble killed and shut down 2006

Lisa Walker

Joshua S. Weinstein Safari Wildlife shut down 2007

Lisa Welch

Judy Watson

Lance & Staci Williams Lightening Ranch shut down 2006

Vernon Yates

Wildlife Rescue Bert Wahl shut down 2002

Wesa-A-Geh-Ya Sandra Smith shut down 2008

Zuzana Kukol REXANO

To say that these places were "shut down" is a bit of a misnomer as they were ordered to shut down by USDA or the state, but then many of them have continued to operate in violation of the order. In some cases they have abandoned or disposed of the animals, but have just started up someplace else with a new name. Read the attached USDA reports and you will be amazed how many years the animals had to suffer from the beginning of the violations until the time that the animals were removed.

Help shut down the rest of them by posting your photos, videos and reports HERE

Who are exotic animal abusers? Read the exotic animal owner profile HERE

See an interactive online map of exotic cat owners. See people being stupid with big cats, endangering themselves and others HERE. See the awful conditions that many captive cats endure HERE.

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