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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Travis the Chimpanzee Attack, Sandra Herold

POSTED: 10:24 am EST February 20, 2009
UPDATED: 6:06 pm EST February 20, 2009

STAMFORD, Conn. -- Her hands looked like they were wrecked by a machine. Eyes wounded, hair yanked out. Face and scalp injuries so extensive, all the blood obscured whatever parts were left.

Two of the first medical workers to treat the woman mauled by a chimpanzee in Connecticut this week described her nightmarish injuries Thursday as she was transferred to the Cleveland hospital that performed the nation's first face transplant.

One of the workers, Bill Ackley, said it was a "miracle" that three days after the attack Charla Nash would be taken to the Cleveland Clinic, which specializes in reconstructive surgery.

"It was amazing to us she had these type of injuries and they were survivable," Ackley said.

Medical workers found Nash, completely unrecognizable, face down Monday in friend Sandra Herold's dri

February 23, 2009 by Kathy in Hartford, CT

Merchant Ratings Former Festus Chimp killed during attack on a person

Travis was bought from Festus as a baby. Read the news stories about how he died. Chimps are not pets or entertainment for your kid's birthday party. Travis ripped a womans entire face off and she may not live.

February 23, 2009 by Karen in Avon, CT


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