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Monday, August 24, 2009

Gorilla Dies at Brookfield Zoo

It has become customary for keepers at Brookfield to arrange a "wake" when one of the gorillas passes away, so the surviving animals in the group can pay their respects to the dead.

"Keepers took her body to an empty cage in the gorilla holding area and allowed the rest of her group in," Smith said. "Ramar, the group's male silverback leader, sat near her protectively while the others came in to look at her, some of the females stopping to touch her. After a few minutes, they all left."

Some would not think that Apes need to say goodbye, however because of the close relationship within a troop if they don't understand where one has gone, they grieve, their behavior differs and eating habits can change. This is a similar reaction when a mother Chimp or Gorilla has their baby taken from them at a few days old. It's a horrible thing for them. This is why I fight now against Private ownership of Chimps.

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