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Friday, August 21, 2009

Humane Society contacts Research Center

LAFAYETTE — The Humane Society of the United States made its first direct contact with the New Iberia Research Center on Thursday, a week after the society’s release of video footage that allegedly documents the center’s mistreatment of research monkeys and chimpanzees.

In a letter to the center’s director, Thomas J. Rowell, the Humane Society called for the retirement of 26 of the center’s “elderly” chimps to a sanctuary.

The same request was issued by the agency last week during a news conference and the news release was forwarded to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, which operates the center.

The university did not issue an immediate response to the retirement request, but issued a statement by e-mail Thursday.

“The university continues to be concerned about the Humane Society’s use of press releases as its form of communication instead of communicating directly with the research center,” the university’s statement read. “After the research center has had an opportunity to review and evaluate the HSUS’ request, it will issue an appropriate response.”

Last week, footage of the Humane Society’s nine-month undercover investigation at the center was aired on ABC’s Nightline. It also became the launching pad for the Humane Society’s announcement of proposed federal legislation that would phase out chimps as invasive research subjects in the U.S.


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