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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Chimps, Vicky and Billy Get New Home

Welcome Billy and Vicky to Your New Island Home

Save the Chimps has welcomed two new members to our chimpanzee family, Billy and Vicky, two senior 'pet' chimps who had been living in cages in a backyard in northern Florida for many years.
The situation turned into an emergency rescue when officials with the State of Florida determined that the chimps needed to be relocated immediately. Fortunately, the transport trailer was still in Florida due to the recent Chimp Migration.
Members of STC's staff loaded up the truck and trailer and journeyed to meet our newest residents and bring them home to Fort Pierce. It was love at first sight. Vicky was an absolute sweetheart, panting in greeting and acting like it just made her day to make new friends. Billy was more like the grumpy-old-man, telling us to get off his lawn, but he had his charms too, not the least of which is he is devilishly handsome.

The average cost to properly care for an individual chimpanzee is
$15,000 per year.
The average lifespan for a chimpanzee is 50 years.

Fortunately, for Billy and Vicky, Save the Chimps was able to rescue them despite it being an additional unbudgeted $30,000 annual expense. Save the Chimps relies solely on public donations and is asking for your help.

Sadly for many pet
chimps their future isn't very promising. Many people find they can't manage to care for an adult chimp, but the choices for these unwanted pets is limited. If they are lucky, a sanctuary will be able to rescue them, but most sanctuaries are full, have waiting lists and are forced to consider the financial burden.
More often they end up in roadside zoos or breeding facilities. No matter where they end up, a chimp who is suddenly removed from their human family is often confused and unhappy.

Thankfully, Billy & Vicky have adapted beautifully. For the first time in years, they have been able to groom one another without metal caging between them. They now they spend their days roaming their islands with the grass beneath their feet, the warm sun on their backs and 5 gorgeous acres to explore. Soon they will be introduced to more chimpanzees and will hopefully become a part of a large chimp family.

Billy & Vicky have both been added to our "Adopt-a-Chimp"program. Please consider adopting them, feeding them through our "Meal Deal" program or simply making a contribution on their behalf.

Save the Chimps relies solely on donations from individuals like you.

Please support Billy & Vicky and help Save the Chimps provide them with the highest quality of care they deserve.

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