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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chimpanzee, Henry is Home


Meet Henry!

Henry was rescued by the Houston SPCA last fall, where animal control officers found him in a rusty cage in a garage. He was alone and surrounded by filth. For 15 years, he existed like this. Severely underweight and malnourished, he received intensive care from the local SPCA and Houston Zoo before he could travel to Louisiana.

And now…Henry is home! He arrived at Chimp Haven on Monday, February 23rd to a jubilant care staff who prepared a special place just for him. He will continue his physical recovery and, with the help of the Chimp Haven staff and chimpanzees, finally learn what it is like to be a chimpanzee.

Henry needs your help. So do many other former pet and entertainment chimpanzees who desperately need sanctuary in a professionally run facility. They need the type of environment and care that Chimp Haven specializes in. Please help Henry by making a donation to our

Chimpanzee Rescue Fund

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