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Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Split in The Mapuwa Gorilla Family, Virunga National Park

Split after 9 difficult months of cohabitation
Mapuwa family was led by 2 Silverbacks, Mapuwa and Nvuyekure since December 29 2008.


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Then there were 4 adult females: Jicho, Kagofero, Kanepo and Bitangi.

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There were 2 sub-adults: Mambo and Bikenge, 2 juveniles: Gourba and Sebagabo and finally 4 babies: Subutimbiri, Dunia, Wathaut and Buzara.

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Interacting every day each Silverback trying to gain total control of the group. Last week, there was a fight- also known as an interaction between Mapuwa and Nvuyekure and the group was split into two. Seven family members are with Nvuyekure: 3 adult females and four other individuals and other seven with Mapuwa: 1 adult female and six other individuals.
it will be interesting to see how this two families dynamic plays out in coming days and week.

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