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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Making a Difference in Helping Mission-Critical Email Communcations, Jane Goodall Institute

We are very excited to welcome the Jane Goodall Institute to our family of SuretyMail accredited email senders! The Jane Goodall Institute does amazing work, and has been working for more than thirty years, along with institute founder Jane Goodall herself, to save and protect the chimpanzee, and much more.

As the Jane Goodall Institute’s Vincent Wishrad, VP of Community and Membership explains, “The Jane Goodall Institute works to protect the wild chimpanzee population in Africa, promotes global conservation, and teaches children how to become better stewards of our environment.”

The Jane Goodall Institute recently moved to an open-source CRM solution, and found that they needed assistance with their email deliverability. “Since we are a charity,” explains Wishrad, “every email communication counts and we needed to make sure all our e-mails were reaching our members and supporters’ inboxes. Getting our email accredited was very important to us.”

SuretyMail was one of three services recommended to the Jane Goodall Institute, and Wishrad says of their decision to join the SuretyMail family that “SuretyMail was the most responsive and helpful of the three services we reviewed.”

“We were very impressed with this process. We heard that it could be quite arduous to get email accreditation, but if you’re a legitimate sender with a permission-based list, it’s not difficult to get accredited at all,” explains Wishrad.

Wishrad also adds, of the Jane Goodall Institute, that “We love what we do and our members/supporters make our work possible.”

We’re proud to be among those supporters, and to echo Mr. Wishrad’s sentiments, we love what we do, too! Making a difference in helping mission-critical email communcations to reach the inbox is especially rewarding for us when it’s for such a worthy cause!

You can check out the Jane Goodall Institute here.


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