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Friday, September 18, 2009

OHSU Being Sued For Mistreatment of Monkeys

Company's Lawsuit Alleges OHSU Mistreated Monkeys

OHSU Denies Allegations Against Primate Center Staff

POSTED: 4:14 pm PDT September 17, 2009
UPDATED: 5:46 pm PDT September 17, 2009
Oregon Health & Science University is being sued by a research firm that claims the primate research staff mistreated monkeys.Invivo Research, located near Boston, filed the lawsuit last week. It accuses OHSU of not properly caring for rhesus monkeys during a spinal cord research project.OHSU spokesman Jim Newman said the allegations are not true."We're completely surprised by this lawsuit and we plan to vigorously defend ourselves because we feel that we operated correctly," said OHSU spokesman Jim Newman.

Invivo Research sent surgeons to OHSU in January. The project involved severing monkeys' spinal cords to test a new method of restoring movement.After the procedures, the company claimed OHSU staff members did not care for the animals correctly, which resulted in some monkeys getting bladder and staph infections.Invivo Research claimed one monkey had a broken ankle and four animals had to be put down.Newman said OHSU did everything correctly."When the company came to us with proposal for surgeries, they told us what the outcomes would be. But then, when our staff started tracking the animals right after surgery, the injuries were much more severe than the company told us they would be," Newman said.Dr. C.J. Doane is one of 12 veterinarians who work at the OHSU Primate Research Center. She cares for thousands of monkeys on site."Like anybody who works with monkeys, when you first start working with them, you're hooked," Doane said.Doane said she is confident that nobody at OHSU would hurt the monkeys on purpose."I think that anyone who works with a non-human primate can't help but bond with them. And I know that everyone at this facility cares deeply for the animals they work with. I think it would be impossible not to," Doane said.A spokesperson with Invivo Research could not be reached.

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