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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monkeys From Breeding Farm, Terrorizing Javanese Village

CINANGKA, Indonesia, Sept. 22 (UPI) -- Monkeys from a local breeding farm

increasingly are scaring people and vandalizing property in the Indonesian village of Cinangka, authorities said.

"Sometimes they steal the rear-view mirrors of parked cars. Once they even took away some billiard balls from my office," Sipardi, a resident of Cingangka, in the Purwakarta district of West Java, told Antara in a story published Tuesday.

The monkey population has increased since a breeding farm opened near the village in 2007, said Sipardi, who like many Javanese uses just one name.

Escaped monkeys leaping from high trees over the roadway distract drivers and sometimes act aggressively toward villagers, Danu, another resident, said.

"They like to jump around on the roof of my house and hang on the laundry lines," Danu said. "The bigger-sized ones sometimes attack people and scare women."

Villagers said they want the local government to order the monkey farm to corral the animals and contain them.


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