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Monday, September 21, 2009

Human DNA is 98% Chimpanzee (updated)

60 million. That’s how many base pairs it would take to mutate in a positive manner for a chimpanzee to make the 2% change from its DNA to that of a human being.

Evolutionists like the “Chimps are 98% human” argument, and it makes sense. Chimps smile. They use hands. They can walk upright and look relatively normal, despite having arms that drag the ground. They are a prime candidate for possible human descendants.

But I just read in a book yesterday that to bridge the gap from human DNA to chimp DNA, to go from 98% human to 100% chimp (or for a chimp to go from 98% chimp to 100% human) it would take 60 million base pairs.

Now, I really don’t even know what a base pair is, but I know that the human genome has 3 billion of them, 2 percent of which is that 60 million.

What that means is that 60 million things would have to change for a chimpanzee to become a walking, talking, normally-functioning human being. Even with the 4 billion years we had, according to them, that would be unbelievable, and as evolutionists say, everything evolved from a little bubbling pool of primordial ooze or something, so chimpanzees would have had to come along far after that, and had to go through millions of times more changes that that just to become chimpanzees.

And not only would 60 million things have to change, but they would have to be beneficial changes. Positive mutations.


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