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Monday, December 21, 2009

6 Yr Old Orangutan Joins Adults At Sacramento Zoo

It's been many years since the Sacramento Zoo's resident Sumatran orangutans, 37-year-old Cheli and 54-year-old Ginger, have lived with a youngster.

They're now getting acquainted with 6-year-old Sumantran orang Makan, and they can all be seen at the Ape House.

Makan was born at the Cheyenne Moutain Zoo in Colorado Springs, Colo., and arrived here in September, after a long road trip in a crate. He remained in quarantine at the Sacramento Zoo's veterinary hospital for several weeks before recently being introduced to Cheli and Ginger (the oldest Sumatran orangutan in a U.S. zoo) and settling in with them.

He's here as a companion for Cheli and Ginger, says Sacramento Zoo spokeswoman Lauren Kraft.

The youngster weighs 65 pounds now and will gain some 200 pounds as he matures. He'll also develop large cheek flanges and grow a beard, mustache and long hair.

Makan's relocation had been planned for about a year and was the project of the Cheyenne and Sacramento zoos and the Orangutan Survival Species Plan committee.


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