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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What Is Going On, 2 Gorillas Die Of Cancer In One Week at The NC Zoo

Katie-I'm sure your family members will deeply miss you.

Katie, a 36-year-old gorilla at the N.C. Zoo, was euthanized Wednesday after treatment for cancer.


ASHEBORO — For the second time this week, a gorilla undergoing treatment for cancer was euthanized Wednesday after N.C. Zoo veterinarians determined her health had dramatically deteriorated and would not improve.

Katie, a 36-year-old female gorilla, was euthanized shortly before noon Wednesday by veterinarians at the zoo’s Hanes Veterinary Medical Center. Katie had been at the N.C. Zoo since July 1989 after being transferred from the San Diego Zoo.

On Monday, zoo veterinarians euthanized Donna, a 42-year-old female gorilla, after more than 2 ½ years of treatments for cancer.

Katie had been diagnosed last May with non-operable cancer in her reproductive tract.

In addition to Katie and Donna, the zoo also lost female gorilla Hope, 35, in May.

The zoo’s 18-year-old male gorilla, Nikosi, remains on exhibit and in good health. Two young female gorillas are scheduled to be transferred to the N.C. Zoo in 2010 from the San Diego Zoo and Oklahoma City Zoo.


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