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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Owning A Chimpanzee Is A Hazardous Undertaking For Both The Chimpanzee and The Owners

Raising a chimpanzee as a pet is usually a hazardous undertaking.
Raising a chimpanzee as a pet is usually a hazardous undertaking.

In recent decades, exotic pet ownership has greatly increased. Chimpanzees are among the most common exotic animals that people attempt to keep as pets. However, owning a chimpanzee can be unsafe for both the animal and the owner.

    Human Safety

  1. Adult chimpanzees possess about five times more strength than the average human. Since chimpanzees have aggressive tendencies, they have the potential to cause serious harm to their owners.
  2. Chimpanzee Well-Being

  3. Chimpanzees are naturally social animals that live in large groups in the wild. Living with humans and being isolated from others of their species is emotionally unhealthy for these animals.
  4. Health Threats

  5. It is very easy for diseases to be transmitted between humans and chimpanzees. Therefore, owning a chimpanzee can have serious health consequences for both the animal and its owner.
  6. Time Investment

  7. Keeping chimpanzees in captivity involves a significant amount of time and work. Most people who buy chimpanzees as pets are unprepared for the amount of attention they require and the messes they make.
  8. Chimpanzee Fate

  9. When chimpanzee owners realize that they have made a mistake in trying to raise a wild animal as a pet, they usually seek to get rid of the animal. Unfortunately, these chimpanzees are often mutilated, destroyed or sent to medical-research labs.
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Image by, courtesy of Doug Wheller


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