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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Look At The Numbers Of Chimpanzees Used In Research For Hepatitis C!

This truly makes me sick to my stomach! I can vision these poor chimpanzees having to live day in and day out, in tiny cages, being darted for research, falling to concrete floors, and sick every single day of their lives. This is just awful! What did they ever do to deserve this?

Chimpanzees in hepatitis C virus research: 1998–2007
R.H. Bettauer
Bettauer BioMed Research, Mc Lean, VA, USA
Correspondence to Raija H. Bettauer, M.Sc., LL. M.,
Bettauer BioMed Research,
Mc Lean, VA, USA


Background Chimpanzees have been widely used in hepatitis C virus (HCV) research, but their endangered status and high financial and ethical costs have prompted a closer review.

Methods One hundred and nine articles published in 1998–2007 were analyzed for the number of chimpanzees involved, experimental procedures, objectives and other relevant issues.

Results The articles described the use of 852 chimpanzees, but accounting for likely multiple uses, the number of individual chimpanzees involved here is estimated to be approximately 500. Most articles addressed immunology and inoculation studies. A significant portion of studies lasted for several months or years. Approximately one half of the individual chimpanzees were each used in 2–10 studies.

Source and Finale

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