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Thursday, December 10, 2009

A List of Exotic Animal Owners Fighting To Keep Their Rights To Own Them

What about the rights of the animals as far as, but not limited to:
  • The ability to live with their own kind
  • The ability to act upon their own characteristics, and behaviour
  • The ability to do the natural things they would do if not in captivity
  • The ability to be free from harm, abuse, solitaire, disease, and sickness
  • The ability to raise their own families

Petition Against CDC, USDA and FDA Exotic Animal Ban
714 Signatures

Published by Ken Walker on Feb 02, 2004
Category: Animal Rights
Background (Preamble):
We, the undersigned, petition the President of the United States George W. Bush, and the agencies of Food and Drug Administrations, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We the people disagree and protest the Food and Drug Administration ruling, (21 CFR Parts 16 and 1240 [Docket No. 2003N-0400] RIN 0910-ZA21). Also the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (42 CFR Part 71).

We feel that these two agencies are using their power to halt the trade of exotic animals, foreign and domestic, for personal biased reasons. They are destroying the rights of all pet owners as well as the market for pet food, pet products as well as the pet trade it self.

Neither agency has publicly announced or invited professionals from these trades to help in establishing guidelines, restrictions, and or quarantine possibilities.

No one disputes the importance of protecting the American people from possible epidemics. Neither agency has thought of the consequences of destroying a viable trade to the American people.

With our world growing smaller each and every day, it is of the utmost importance that not only we learn to co-exist with all animals, but invite these animals into our lives to preserve their existence.

We the under signers believe the FDA and CDC can accomplish their task with restrictions, not complete termination of a trade.

Monkeypox is terrible, as is the Flu, and it can be prevented through restrictions and monitoring. We request that these rules not be allowed into the Register and these agencies seek professional assistance from the trade they are out to destroy. Also that they advertise in publications that pertain to the business in which they seek to regulate. We proudly sign this petition with our name, address and phone numbers as to certify our signatures and for future contact pertaining to this matter:

Published by Ken Walker on Feb 02, 2004
Public Signature List
Signatures 194 to 155 of 714
Published by Ken Walker on Feb 02, 2004
Public Signature List

Signatures 194 to 155 of 714

194MissKarine MILLER
193MissAude MILLET
192MissCheyenne MARTIN
191MsPenni CAMPELL
190N/GLynette Joyce
189N/GNatasha Euliss
188N/GRyan Mahler
187N/GTerri O"Hara
186N/GTerry Carlton
185N/GRoger Curry
184N/Gcatherine montgomery
183N/GFran Page
182N/GBrenda Brenkel
180MrsWilma Smith
179N/GMaria Wheems
177N/GKristen White
176N/GBrad Withenshaw
175N/GAngela Romero
174N/GAnn Powell
173N/GMedina McKellar
172N/GGladyas Thoma
171N/GJan Callaway
170Ms.Donna Shannon
169N/GMichael O"Hara
168N/GApril Rhodes
167MRSRenee McMullen
166Mr.Ed Strommen
165Mr.Joel Charbonneau
164MsJessica Charbonneau
163Mr.Dennis Charbonneau
162N/GAnita Larsen
161Mr.Tony Esposito
160Mr.Jerry Schultz
159Mr.David Matuszewski
158Mrs.Christy Matuszewski
157MsGini Valbuena
156MsNicki Richter
155mrskaren racca

Source and 13 more pages of signatures

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