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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Serial Killer Uses Monkey To Lure Young Women To Their Death

Here is another example of how horrible our legal system is, as with the Travis the Chimpanzee attack case. This man did this crime in 1991 and has just now been convicted! What about the poor families that have lost loved ones and have had to wait soooo many years to see justice served? This is awful!


SERIAL killer Peter Tobin used a monkey to lure young girls into his evil clutches.

And it is feared the monster may have used the evil ploy to commit many more murders.

Tobin lived in Brighton, East Sussex, through the 1980s and 90s.

A source told the Daily Star Sunday

last night: “He would wander along the beach

with the monkey on his shoulder and made

a bee-line for pretty girls.

“He was charming and even good-looking.

But if you looked closely, his eyes were cold

and menacing. Thinking about it still makes

me shudder.”

And a former café waitress in the resort

said: “Tobin would often come in and he

would always be with a young girl half his age.

“He usually had a monkey on his shoulder

and the animal would be the centre of

attention. I now know that he used it to

hide his sinister side. I dread to think

what happened to the girls who were

taken in by this trick.”

Tobin, 63, will spend the rest of his life

in jail after being found guilty last week

of drugging and strangling Dinah McNicol,

18, in 1991.

She vanished while hitch-hiking home

to Tillingham, Essex, after leaving a music

festival in Liphook, Hampshire.

She was buried near one of Tobin’s former

homes in Margate, Kent.

He had already been convicted of the

killings of Vicky Hamilton, 15, of Redding,

Stirlingshire, and Polish student

Angelika Kluk, 23.

Tobin, from Johnstone in Renfrewshire,

once bragged to a prison psychiatrist

about killing 48 women – then sneered:

“Prove it.”

Source and Photograph of Serial Killer

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