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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chimpanzee At The Lowry Park Zoo Fights Back At Visitors

I guess he was tired of being teased and glared at.
And this is how uneducated people are, the person that wrote this article called the Chimpanzee a Monkey!!!!! For your future education, writer, Chimpanzees are Apes not monkeys, big difference. A stupid way of telling the difference is that monkeys have tail and apes do not.


TAMPA - The primates at Lowry Park Zoo enjoyed a special Christmas treat today, but the gifts apparently did not go over well with one of them.

Seconds after a zoo attendant dumped oranges into the Primate World habitat, a monkey grabbed one of the oranges and tossed it into the crowd of onlookers, striking a young girl in the head.

Zoo employees in the crowd rushed to help the girl and called for an ice pack, though the young victim seemed to be more stunned than injured.


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