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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Judie Harrison's Opinion On The Authorities In CT

Remembering Suzy: You're exactly correct ["Going Ape: Chimp Attack Recalls Festus Man's Story," Nick Lucchesi]. This is a whole different situation. In the Jason Coats case, Suzy was already laying on the ground, tranquilized and harmless, when Coats went back into the house and got his shotgun. The things he said when coming out of the house with the shotgun were a sure sign of a hunt. The courts would never have charged him for animal cruelty if he was defending himself, or if they thought he was in danger at the time of the shooting, regardless of what he is saying.

This is not about Coats and Suzy; this is about the irresponsible actions of the authorities in Connecticut and the great loss of a wonderful animal that never asked to be in a home or to be treated like a human. I feel sorry for Coats that he is taking this tragedy to make himself look like a victim. In no way was he threatened when he shot Suzy.
Judie Harrison, via the Internet


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