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Monday, December 28, 2009

Animals Used For Sacrifices Found In PA Home

Officers: Evidence Of Rituals Among Carcasses

PHILADELPHIA - SPCA officers made a gruesome discovery in Philadelphia's Hunting Park section on Sunday, including evidence of what it says were frightening rituals involving animal sacrifices.

Hundreds of animal bones were found at the home, and now police are getting involved.

Fox 29's Sean Tobin reported that SPCA officers were answering a routine call about two emaciated dogs when they arrived at the home on the 4800 block of North Front Street, not far from Roosevelt Boulevard.

The officers said the two dogs – a pit bull mix and a chow mix – were found alive. But they also found what was described as something out of a horror movie, including a graveyard of ram, sheep and monkey skulls, a turtle shell as well as chicken feathers covering the place.

Authorities believe as many as 100 animals may have been sacrificed at the home. Among the remains were satanic books, candles and buckets of blood.

Neighbors said they often heard drum music coming from the house. They thought it was salsa music but now they fear it was part of the rituals that may have involved those alleged animal sacrifices.

SPCA officials said they believe the dogs found locked inside were not meant to be part of the sacrifice rituals. Authorities said they seemed to be pets of the home's owner, who is in Mexico, where he is restricted from traveling to the United States due to an illness.

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