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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mamie Manneh That Smuggled Dead Monkey Parts Only Gets Probation

Well, I guess because she is mentally ill she can get away with only being on probation for something like this? Well then that would mean that every convict in jail or in mental hospitals that are mentally ill have been sentenced wrong? Should they have just gotten probation also? I'll bet if it were children or human babies that were in those packages, the sentence would be different. When are we going to start caring about the animals as much as we care for ourselves? Probably never, we are such a selfish race.


Last updated December 12, 2009 8:32 a.m. PT

NYC woman gets probation for smuggling monkey meat


NEW YORK -- A New York City woman who was caught smuggling monkey meat through Customs has been sentenced to probation.

Mamie Manneh was arrested in 2006 after agents seized a shipment of dozens of primate parts hidden in a batch of smoked fish.

The boxes included the skulls, limbs and torsos of monkeys and baboons. She was charged with smuggling endangered species.

Manneh's lawyers argued that she and other African immigrants on Staten Island needed the meat for religious reasons.

The judge ultimately rejected that defense but gave Manneh a lenient sentence because she has 11 children and is mentally ill.


Information from: New York Post,

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