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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thank You Oklahoma State University, Burns Hargis and The Cummings School Of Vet Medicine, Tufts University

I did read in here that Burns Hargis doesn't want to participate in an anthrax research project. With this being said, I guess that would mean that there already is a project on Primates for Anthrax, and if not perhaps in the future. egh....... What do we need this for, that scare was years ago. Just another way for the drug companies, scientists and government facilities to make money, in my opinion!

The decision by Hargis not to participate in an anthrax research project that would have resulted in the euthanasia of more than 100 baboons has occasioned some interesting reaction, especially from the research community in his own university. However, his decision is not unique.

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