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Monday, September 14, 2009

Alix Bidstrup is Heading Off To Sumatra, To Help The Orangutans

Actress Alix Bidstrup who plays Amy Fielding on All Saints is heading off to Sumatra on a rescue mission to save the Orangutan. Orangutans in Indonesia are endangered – in Sumatra they are critically endangered (said to be only around 5,000 left – some
say they could be extinct in 5 years), In Borneo there is less than 20,000.

With loss of forest, the orangutans either are injured or die in the process. Those that live are forced into villages or areas where they can’t survive, or the orphans are sold on the black market for the pet trade. Mandy says it is hard to look after the orphans because they have a long life span (about 50 years) – and it can be hard to release them back into the wild if they have had human contact.

The problem with Palm Oil

The main reason for the loss is because they are losing their habitat – rainforests in Indonesia are being logged or burnt to make way for Palm Oil plantations. It estimated there is less than 10% of their rainforest than 100 years ago. Products with Palm Oil are very common, but should be boycotted until sustainable Palm Oil plantations are created.

Palm Oil is an ingredient in things like cosmetics, foods like biscuits and 2 minute noodles, even vegetable oil.

Palm Oil may also be called

* Sodium Laureth Sulphate
* Sodium Lauryl Sulphates
* Palmate
* Palm Oil Kernal
* Palmitate
* Elaeis Guineensis
* Glyceryl Stearate
* Stearic Acid

Join the team:

Alix wants 20 people to trek to Sumatra with her to help raise awareness – money raised will help replant cleared rainforest – $1,000 equals one hectare

Anyone interested in joining the trek or making a donation can go to:


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