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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Baby Orangutan, Soon To Be Seen

This Cute Baby Orangutan Will Soon Be Placed Outside at Audubon Zoo

By Sarah Burnette

New Orleans, LA - It’s a rare opportunity - something visitors haven’t experienced in about thirteen years - an adorable (and critically endangered) baby orangutan at Audubon Zoo in New Orleans.

Baby Menari was born at Audubon Zoo on June 10, 2009. Starting on September 26, guests will be able to see her each day between 1pm and 2:30pm in the World of Primates exhibit (pending extreme weather or other unforeseen factors). With her tufts of red hair and playful curiosity – along with ever-increasing strength and dexterity – Menari enchants every visitor lucky enough to see her.

Welcome Menari to Audubon Zoo on Saturday, September 26!

Special shows and chats, stickers and party hats (while supplies last) and other surprises at Audubon Zoo, 6500 Magazine Street, throughout the day on September 26.

*** Visitors bringing a new baby item in original packaging receive a coupon for 50% off the price of admission to Audubon Zoo. Visit Audubon’s website for suggestions – please, no stuffed animals! Children’s Hospital will be on-site to collect items.****

Visit for details, and to download a fun Menari mask to decorate!

Menari is being hand-raised by animal experts. “Her mother, Feliz, is very attentive to her but just can’t seem to get the hang of nursing the baby,” said assistant curator of mammals Tyrene Fayard. “We hope to put Menari back with her family soon.”

Meanwhile, caregivers will bring the baby out for sun and fun on a grassy hill in view of the public in the World of Primates. “Starting on September 26, we will try to have her out every day between 1pm and 2:30pm,” said curator of mammals Marsha Fernandez. “But if it’s raining or the weather is too extreme, we will keep her inside. We’ll have signage out to let visitors know if the schedule changes.”

The last orangutan born at Audubon Zoo was Blaze, born in 1996. Blaze is all grown up now, living at the Zoo with Feliz and Berani, who fathered the new youngster.

“Since orangutans are critically endangered, we celebrate each birth,” said Audubon Zoo general curator Rick Dietz. “We hope everyone takes this rare opportunity to see and experience this active, engaging youngster. She is a living representation of our obligation to do everything we can to save this incredible species.”

September 26, 2009 10am – 5pm

• Menari is scheduled to meet her adoring public each day between 1pm and 2:30pm in the World of Primates exhibit beginning on September 26, 2009

• Visitors bringing a new baby item in original packaging on September 26 receive 50% off Zoo admission (please, no stuffed animals – visit for suggestions)

• Anyone purchasing a baby item at Audubon Marketplace to donate to Children’s Hospital receives a 20% discount on that item

• Special shows and chats all day long

• 20% off all orangutan merchandise at Audubon Marketplace

• 20% off Zoo photos by Amazing Pictures

• Free orangutan stickers, party hats and temporary tattoos for visitors (while supplies last)

• Register to win a free Go Ape birthday party for you and your friends –download entry form at or pick one up at the Zoo – entries may only be submitted on September 26 at Audubon Zoo

• Enter a raffle drawing to win a great stuffed orangutan toy from Audubon Marketplace.

To view Audubon Zoo's web page on Zoo and Aquarium Visitor, go to:


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