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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Stolen Monkey Case, Comes To a Close

The case of the stolen monkeys from Greenwood's Savorelli's Zoological, a.k.a. Monkey Island, has finally come to a close after a guilty verdict from a jury and the sentencing in Buchanan County of Lisa A. Shinkle on Monday.

The case stems from the alleged theft of two stolen pigtailed macaque monkeys in 2008.

According to Dana Savorelli, owner and operator of Savorelli's Zoological, Cathy M. Montes, a former volunteer at Savorelli's, who allegedly gave the monkeys to Shinkle and her husband in Buchanan County to house after she allegedly left a note explaining her actions.

Charges against Montes were dropped last fall due to problems with the evidence, but a Jackson County judge ordered her to pay $4,000 in restitution to Savorelli.

On Monday, a Buchanan County judge sentenced Shinkle to one year in the Buchanan County jail on each of two felony counts of receiving stolen property. The judge suspended execution of the sentence and placed Shinkle on three years supervised probation, with several special conditions including an order to not have any contact with Montes and to not to have any other primates other than the two she already possesses. The judge also ordered Shinkle to serve a 20-day shock period. Shinkle was also ordered to pay court costs.

This is a weird case, Savorelli said Tuesday morning. The lady that stole the monkeys was let go by Jackson County and the people that had the monkeys in a different county had to go to jail.

You would have thought the most punishment would have gone to the person who actually stole them.


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