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Monday, September 7, 2009

Updated Information of Monkey Theft

Kolkata The Kolkata police faced another embarrassment in the marmoset theft case on Friday with prime accused Rajesh Saikia informing the Detective Department sleuths that the stolen monkeys remained in the custody of Sujai Das alias Bubai, another accused, for a couple of days in Kolkata.

Interestingly, the Kolkata police had detained Bubai after the theft on August 8, but released him as they could not extract any information from him.

Earlier, the Kolkata police were in an embarrassing position after Saikia had fled from their custody.

“Saikia admitted that he stole the monkeys and handed them over to Bubai near Sealdah station. Bubai then took them to his residence in Dum Dum and kept for two days. Later Bubai caught a train from Howrah and smuggled them to Chhattisgarh,” said a detective department officer.

Joint Commissioner of Kolkata police Jawed Shamim refused to comment on the case until the investigation is over.


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